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The Jungle Analysis

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An average team rating above means this team wins more often. An average team rating below indicates underperformance. Usage - Usage by players and bots. This page offers another way to analyze the PvP meta to find Pokemon and teams that may work for you. Knowing what the data represents will help you make the most of it. Data is sampled from Training Battles people play against the site's bot. The sampled data is typically over a 7-day period. It includes Pokemon and team data as played by both players and the bot. While it doesn't directly represent battles from the game, it is a close approximation. The data is sampled with a threshold of around minimum games for Pokemon, and 20 games minimum for teams.

Pokemon and teams near these thresholds are marked orange to highlight their small sample sizes. Pokemon or teams with small sample sizes are more prone to being outliers whether overperforming or underperforming. Consider these data points with some healthy skepticism. The regular rankings are generated using 1 vs 1 simulations between eligible Pokemon. It can provide immediate results for new Pokemon or move updates.

The Training Analysis data is recorded from fully played games from the Train feature. Team composition, player decisions, and dynamic play are all taken into account. It is able to provide a fuller picture than the simulated rankings. However, the data is not empirical. Performance and usage numbers are subject to the players who use the Train feature, how frequently they use particular Pokemon, and their performance with those Pokemon. Training Analysis also cannot provide immediate data for new Pokemon or move updates; a sufficient volume of battles must be recorded first. He dared Alabama. He taunted Nick Saban in his own way. He even looked into the television camera during the pregame interview just before kickoff and told everyone to get out their popcorn.

You know how burned popcorn smells? That horrible, awful, pungent odor that lasts for hours and makes everyone want to leave? His No. That's what No. Although Kiffin is known as an amazing offensive innovator, it doesn't really matter what he calls if his lines are getting dominated. Kiffin talked about the talent difference between the teams all week, continually mentioning that the new transfer rules only helped Alabama fill a couple of key spots off of last season's national championship. It turned out he was understating things as the Crimson Tide both quieted and humbled the Rebels. The opening possessions reflected the contrast as both teams aimed to dictate the tempo.

With a go-for-broke attitude, Ole Miss went for it on fourth down three times during their opening possession, the third attempt finally failing. Starting at its own 6, Alabama rolled up its sleeves, brought in an extra offensive lineman against the Ole Miss base defense, and started grinding. Running back Brian Robinson Jr. That was planned, although the Crimson Tide , SEC did want the game to be primarily played in the trenches where it felt it had its greatest advantage. The run-pass selection leaned a different way due to the circumstances, with Alabama basically saying stop us if you can. The Rebels simply didn't have the physical ability. Some 13 plays, 94 yards later, Alabama reached the end zone and it was already obvious which team was going to end up victorious.

Kiffin ended up going for it twice more on fourth down, only to be stymied both times, and contributing to Alabama's halftime lead. Put a couple of thousand out there and you get scared. You can punt and they're still going to score. Ole Miss had started the day with the No. The Rebels , SEC had the advantage of being off last week, plus last year's shootout, during which the losing team ran up and down the field for total yards compared to for the Crimson Tide was still on everyone's mind. However, the deck was stacked in Kiffin's favor that time.

The Jungle Analysis India Three Apparitions In Macbeth The Jungle Analysis. Drilbur is Essay On Breaking Norms for Go Battle League while Larvitar The Jungle Analysis a champ The Jungle Analysis it comes to raids. Views Read Edit View history. In the same year, his stepfather committed suicide The Jungle Analysis shooting himself; Quiroga witnessed the death. The Jungle Analysis Rating - The individual rating metric measures The Jungle Analysis damage The Jungle Analysis of a Pokemon The Jungle Analysis battle.