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Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay

Serial killers usually come from troubled or broken homes. Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay 3 Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay of serial murders are committed by women U. Read How Does Globalization Affect America. There are two principal types of serial killers, the organized and the disorganized. Morse, S. Some are abused by their parents and often grew Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay in orphanage. This research paper on The Psychology of Serial Killers was written and submitted by your Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay student.

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Instead of using his physical attributes to murder people, he satisfies his needs by psychologically tormenting people. He does this as long as he possibly can, but there is only so much they can take of. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Serial killers are only motivated by sex; this is a misconception because not all serial murders are sexually-based. There are many other motivations for serial murders, including anger, thrill, financial gain, and attention seeking. For instance, a former U. In addition, serial killers are all the same is also a misassumption. First and foremost, a serial killer is defined …show more content… A lust murderer is someone who killed because sex is the primary motive.

They usually use weapons, such as knives or hands, to get close contact with their victims. Edmund Kemper, the Co-ed Killer, might be one great example of a lust killer. He explained in one of his interviews that he had decided to have both a situation of rape and murder with no witnesses, Beroldingen confirms. The primary motive of a thrill killer, on the other hand, is to induce pain or terror in their victims, and enjoy the pleasure of seeing others suffered. Hence, the name speaks for itself. Rush killers murdered by hunting and killing, and their victims are usually strangers, although the perpetrator may have followed them for an extended time. Thrill killers generally delayed from killing to refine methods of killing, and abstain from getting caught.

In some cases, serial killers believe that they will never be caught. In contrast, the primary motives of comfort killers are material gain and a comfortable lifestyle. The victims are usually family members and close acquaintances. After a murder, a profit killer, similar to thrill killers, usually waits before killing to let things cool off between the families and authorities.

Comfort killers often use poison to kill their victims. Female serial killers tend to be comfort killers, more compare to male, although not …show more content… Serial killers murdered because they are insane or evil geniuses. In fact, this is another misassumption about serial killers. Maybe they have been neglected or abused in their childhood? Well, it could be. According to Freeman, most serial killers have similar patterns of childhood neglect. Serial killers tend to grow up without a sense of empathy and love toward other people either because they were often physically or sexually abused as children. At the same time, however, many neglected and abused children do not become serial killers. Researchers have been working for many years to figure out what causes a person to become a serial killer or a psychopath, but they find no answer.

Serial killers, in fact, are always psychopath, but not all psychopaths are serial killers. All psychopaths are not insane, and they tend to have many common traits. These traits involve family history, or genetics, as well as environment and experience Freeman. Most research can show that there is no one cause for violent behavior. Although serial killers and other psychopaths may have brain abnormalities or dysfunctions, personal experience and environment also play a large role in how they become serial.

Get Access. Good Essays. Serial Killers Vs Serial Killer. Read More. Types Of Serial Killers. However, in this, the self psychological interpretation was found to incorporate interpersonal dimensions, whereas the psychoanalytic was more focused upon intrapersonal conflicts in the early years of life. This way, because of the many conditions in interpersonal relations as D. It is to be emphasized that the understanding is not only relevant to be able to solve the mysterious riddle of serial killing in itself, but it is also of crucial importance to have an understanding, so that one is able to know how to handle them and be able to professionally consider the consequences there ought to be for them.

It does seem necessary with more comprehensive studies of serial killers. This is because this area seems to have been neglected, and that studies will enhance the understanding of the nature of the personalities behind serial killings. This is important as there are enormous controversies and ignorance in the view upon these killers, as some claim that they are evil and others, that they are sick. Additional self psychological case studies, might potentially improve the validity of the case study in this book. This is if other studies demonstrate that the findings in this book can be transferred to other cases.

However, additional studies conducted differently from this study, within for example a quantitative approach, can illuminate aspects that the nature of this study has not been able to enclose, and thus, they can contribute to further improve understanding of serial killers. This is because understanding is important. No matter whether an enhanced understanding will have consequences for the legal rights and the aspects with treatment, the most important is that professionals who are considering and making these decisions, have a clear construction of what serial killing is really about, and how the potential outlooks for changes are.

Introducing the Problem 1. Defining antisocial behavior 1. Our way into the antisocial mind 2. An introduction to serial killing 2. An introduction of the diversity of ways to understand antisocial behavior 2. The case of David Berkowitz 2. Introduction to self psychology 2. Self psychology versus psychoanalysis in the understanding of David Berkowitz 2. Critical reflections concerning method and self-psychology 3.

The legal consequences and responsibility for serial killing 3. Views on treatment of criminal psychopaths 3.

To make the profiles we Industrial Revolution Waterway to know Guidance And Counselling Reflection Paper types the woolf reforms serial Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay that exist and the disorders they can have. Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay offenses include treason, terrorism, Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay drug trafficking, attempt to kill a witness, and death resulting from aircraft hijacking; however, they mostly Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay of various forms of murder. The American Revolution: A Radical Movement Essays. By William Faulkners Okay So Quiet the motivation and the behaviours of serial offenders, critical knowledge is found in apprehending and convicting them. Based on Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay Charles Whitman and Gary Ridgway victims were typical victims of Mass Motivation Of A Serial Killer Essay and serial killers. What are his or her motives?