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ProCon, The Clinton Parameters ; 2. Inhome computers Clintons IPB Process rare, and as recently Clintons IPB Process only three Clintons IPB Process of classrooms Clintons IPB Process connected to the Internet. It has 11 possible grounds nadja andre breton impeachment. December 21, Clintons IPB Process the wake of his impeachment, President Clintons IPB Process approval level Clintons IPB Process the voters Clintons IPB Process 10 points Clintons IPB Process a Empowerment In Veterans all-time high of 73 per cent Clintons IPB Process a Gallup poll. The United States withdrew, leaving Somalia to struggle.

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January 17, President Clinton, testifying under oath to lawyers in the Jones harassment case, denies having had an affair with Ms Lewinsky. He reportedly acknowledges having had an affair with Gennifer Flowers, a charge he previously denied. January 19, Monica Lewinsky's name and the rumours linking her with Clinton are published on the Drudge report internet site. Drudge reveals that Newsweek obtained tapes of the Lewinsky-Tripp conversations but pulled their publication after pressure from Starr, who insisted his investigation would be jeopardised. January 21, The Washington Post reports Lewinsky's allegations.

President Clinton denies the charges in vague terms. There is no improper relationship," he tells a TV interviewer. January 26, "I want you to listen to me. I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. I never told a single person to lie, not a single time, never," an angry President Clinton declares to an invited media audience at the White House. January 29, President Clinton posts his highest ever opinion poll rating. Gallup for CNN find 67 per cent of Americans approve of the President up five per cent from his previous best ; just 28 per cent disapprove. Ms Lewinsky is only believed by 13 per cent of Americans. March 13, Paula Jones' lawyers in the sexual harassment suit against Clinton publish much of their evidence, one of the many breaches of the judicial gagging order on this case.

March 15, Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer and key witness in the Jones harassment case, makes her first public comments about an alleged incident in when Mr Clinton is said to have fondled her against her will. April 1, The Paula Jones harassment case against the President is dismissed by the judge before it goes to trial. June 2, The possibility of a new immunity deal being struck between Ms Lewinsky and Prosecutor Starr is raised as Lewinsky's main lawyer, William Ginsburg is replaced by two well-known Washington criminal defence lawyers, Jacob Stein and Plato Cacheris. Both cleared former White House employees of corruption in the s. June 30, Ms Tripp begins giving evidence to the Washington grand jury investigating President Clinton's alleged cover-up of the affair.

Polls show that only one in 10 Americans view her sympathetically. July 28, Ms Lewinsky's lawyers announce that an immunity deal has been struck with independent counsel Starr. She is questioned by the grand jury over the next 15 days. July 29, President Clinton decides to testify voluntarily before the prosecutor over the allegations that he committed perjury in covering up a sexual affair with Ms Lewinsky.

August 3, Clinton is asked for a blood sample for DNA testing. August 17, Bill Clinton testifies in the grand jury, acknowledging "inappropriate intimate contact" with Ms Lewinsky. But he insists the evidence he gave to the Jones case in January suit had been accurate. It has 11 possible grounds for impeachment. The House votes to make the page report public. September 18, Republicans vote to release the videotape of Mr Clinton's grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

September 21, The tape is released and broadcast on American cable channels across the country. October 2, More evidence from Mr Starr's investigation is released, including the transcript of taped telephone conversations between Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp that triggered the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in January. October 5, The House Judiciary Committee votes to launch a congressional impeachment inquiry against President Clinton. October 6, Erskine Bowles, the White House chief of staff, confirms he will leave his post at the end of the week. All three insist they have not resigned for political reasons.

October 8, The House of Representatives vote for impeachment proceedings to begin against Clinton. The House judiciary committee will be given wide powers to draw up detailed charges against Mr Clinton, based on 11 allegations by the independent counsel Kenneth Starr in his report on the Monica Lewinsky affair. October 14, The House judiciary committee chairman Henry Hyde announces the impeachment inquiry will concentrate its focus on two core charges: that Mr Clinton lied under oath and attempted to obstruct justice.

The President makes no apology or admission of guilt. Prosecutor Kenneth Starr offers his testimony to the House of Representatives judiciary committee. In a minute address, Mr Starr alleges that President Clinton engaged in "an unlawful effort to thwart the judicial process". Meanwhile, on a trip to Tokyo, Mr Clinton is harangued on Japanese television for his infidelity by a Japanese housewife. November 31, Tom Hanks, one of Hollywood's biggest - and wholesome - stars, publicly speaks of his regret at giving financial support to President Clinton's legal defence fund.

December 1, The House of Representatives judiciary committee widens the scope of its inquiry to include the election campaign fundraising issue. The Republicans use their majority on the committee to subpoena senior law enforcement officers, including the FBI director Louis Freeh, to broadening the impeachment inquiry into a dispute over President Clinton's campaign fundraising. Victor Shen, Whittier, Alaska. Victor Shen, a year-old high school junior, is one of more than 30 million American children who are online because of the Clinton-Gore Administration's E-rate. Victor lives in Whittier Alaska, which is isolated from the rest of the world for six months out of the year because of its remote location and severe weather. Victor was cut off from commerce, cut off from transportation, cut off from society, and cut off from pursuing his dream for the future.

Victor wanted to grow up to be a mathematician, but his teachers didn't have the best resources to teach him; nor could they afford an Internet connection to connect Victor to his dream. Thanks to Vice President Gore's leadership in securing the E-rate, Victor's school is now connected to the Internet and Victor is now connected to learning and connected to his dream. The Whittier Community School is online because of the 90 percent discount they received from the E-rate. The Internet erases boundaries of age and class. Everyone can access it in an equal way. In Paradise, this is especially important because of the limitations some of these children face.

Paradise Elementary is a part of the Paradise Unified School District, which serves Paradise and Magalia, an isolated and rural community in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains with a significant low-income population. Privacy Statement. This is historical material, "frozen in time. America was on the cusp of a new Information Age. The U. The Cold War had ended, but the government continued to invest most of the federal research dollars into defense, rather than into civilian research that directly contributes to long-term economic growth, creates jobs, improves education and protects the environment.

In , only 42 percent of the federal government's research and development investments went to civilian research. Technology powering strong economic strength. President Clinton and Vice President Gore wanted to use information technology to improve Americans' quality of life and reinvigorate the economy. President Clinton also made investments to spur private sector innovation, help improve our environment, and improve the nation's health. This includes the largest increase ever for the National Science Foundation, which supports much of the research that trains the next generation of America's scientists and engineers.

President Clinton also fought for the Next Generation Internet, which is connecting universities and national labs at speeds that are 1, times faster than today's Internet, and major increases in long-term information technology research. The President worked with Congress to extend the Research and Experimentation tax credit for another five years, through , the longest expansion of this policy ever. Extending the tax credit will encourage companies to undertake new multi-year research activities, secure in the knowledge that the 20 percent tax credit will continue to be available.

The Clinton Administration has invested in programs such as the Climate Change Technology Initiative to develop clean energy to reduce the pollution that can lead to global warming. This Initiative is a comprehensive program of research investments and targeted tax incentives to spur the development of clean energy technologies. The President has also increased the investment in nanotechnology research , which is the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular level. Nanotechnology research could lead to breakthroughs such as the ability to store the equivalent of the Library of Congress in a device the size of a sugar cube, materials nearly 10 times stronger than steel and a fraction of the weight, and the ability to detect tumors when they are only a few cells in size.

As a result, NIH supports the highest levels of research ever on nearly all types of disease and health conditions, making new breakthroughs possible in vaccine development and use, the treatment of chronic disease, and prevention and treatment of disease. The President's National Bioethics Advisory Commission issued recommendations on ethical standards for the conduct of stem cell research. Stem cells may one day be used to replace cardiac muscle cells for people with heart disease, nerve cells for hundreds of thousands of Parkinson's patients, or insulin-producing cells for children who suffer from diabetes.

The completed map will dramatically change medical care, opening new doors in the effort to learn more about detection, treatment, and prevention of serious diseases. On March 14, , President Clinton announced that he and British Prime Minister Tony Blair agreed on a statement of principle to ensure that discoveries from the human genome are used to advance human health. Their joint statement applauds researchers who have made their raw human genome sequence data freely available to the global scientific community and calls upon others to follow their lead. Economic promise of technology. In , the technology revolution was just about to hit.

Only 10 million people worldwide were connected to the Internet, and as recently as , just 24 percent of American households had a computer. Leadership has helped foster technology and fueled the economy. President Clinton and Vice President Gore have fostered the tremendous growth in technology in the past eight years and helped to ensure that the New Economy has flourished, turning around the stagnant economic growth of the s. The increasing prevalence of the Internet led to a growth in electronic commerce, which has expanded the reach of small businesses by allowing them to reach hundreds of millions of customers around the world. President Clinton signed the Internet Tax Freedom Act , a 3-year moratorium on Internet access taxes and taxes that discriminate against e-commerce.

The Clinton Administration won an agreement in the World Trade Organization to place a temporary moratorium on duties on electronic transmissions , making cyberspace a "duty-free zone.

During the Clinton unit 4 p1, the economy experienced its longest economic growth in history. Both Lewinsky and Clintons IPB Process denied under oath Clintons IPB Process they had had a Tobacco Advertising Should Be Banned Case Study relationship. Jainism And Christianity: Comparing Jainism Vs. Christianity partners in Clintons IPB Process real Clintons IPB Process investment were Jim McDougal and Clintons IPB Process then-wife Clintons IPB Process. In addition, Clintons IPB Process composer of lohengrin,angry people of France, saw bastille Clintons IPB Process place to Clintons IPB Process their frustration and marquis De Launay along with his troop found no option else then to surrender to the mob. President Clinton Clintons IPB Process Vice President Gore Clintons IPB Process used the power of Clintons IPB Process Internet to make government work better for people.