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How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq

On September 22, eight people were hanged. Out of the one hundred seventy-five, nineteen were hanged, one How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq which How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq a man. Conflict Perspective On Health Care 1! How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq types of evidence given were statements about the accusers being bitten and pinched; this apparently classified as bewitching someone. However, with other theories Manipulation In The Film Thin the hallucinogen How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq, the other causes like How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq, lies, and a town divided have had more evidence that builds up with their How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq. Neighbors were accusing each other How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq no known facts. Note: it is expensive.

11 Myths About the Salem Witch Trials

But some critics including Benjamin C. For one thing —the map they were using has been called into question. Nor was there an east-west divide between households of different economic status. On the other hand, the physiological theories for the mass hysteria and witchcraft accusations include both fungus poisoning and undiagnosed encephalitis. Linnda Caporael argues that the girls suffered from convulsive ergotism, a condition caused by ergot, a type of fungus, found in rye and other grains. It produces hallucinatory, LSD-like effects in the afflicted and can cause victims to suffer from vertigo, crawling sensations on the skin, extremity tingling, headaches, hallucinations, and seizure-like muscle contractions.

Rye was the most prevalent grain grown in the Massachusetts area at the time, and the damp climate and long storage period could have led to an ergot infestation of the grains. One of the more controversial theories states that the girls suffered from an outbreak of encephalitis lethargica , an inflammation of the brain spread by insects and birds. Symptoms include fever, headaches, lethargy, double vision, abnormal eye movements, neck rigidity, behavioral changes, and tremors.

In her book, A Fever in Salem , Laurie Winn Carlson argues that in the winter of and spring of , some of the accusers exhibited these symptoms, and that a doctor had been called in to treat the girls. The controversies surrounding the accusations, trials, and executions in Salem, , continue to fascinate historians and we continue to ask why, in a society that should have known better, did this happen?

Economic and physiological causes aside, the Salem witchcraft trials continue to act as a parable of caution against extremism in judicial processes. JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students. Privacy Policy Contact Us You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the provided link on any marketing message. Looking into the underlying causes of the Salem Witch Trials in the 17th century. By: Vicki Saxon. October 27, August 19, Share Tweet Email Print. Have a correction or comment about this article? Please contact us. There were accusations after accusations after accusations about witchcraft. In the end, 25 lives were lost. Most all people who accused others for being witches were young girls.

Many people were put to death because of these people accusing them. After the trials were done they were very deeply regretting their decisions when they found the women that were accusing were lying and found guilty. On February 29, the girls blamed three women for cursing them: Tituba, a slave; Sarah Good, a homeless woman; and Sarah Osborne, an elderly woman. Not until , years later, did Massachusetts apologize for what they the Witch Trials did.

Imagine one day being wrongfully accused of a crime and sent to jail without a fair trial or even a proper representative in court. That seems a little unjust, does it not? Unfortunately, many people in the past were imprisoned and killed for crimes they did not commit like in the Salem Witch Trials or the Scottsboro Trials. Even though the Salem Witch Trials and Scottsboro Trials were over two-hundred years apart, there are many similarities between them. Such similarities include the false imprisonment of innocent people based off of prejudice beliefs and heavily biased justice systems. Not many people know much about what actually happened in the Salem Witch Trials. Maybe someone would think that it was just about witchcraft and crazy people being hanged, but it is a lot more than that.

The Salem Witch Trials only occurred between and , but a lot of damage had been done. In Europe, many of the accused witches were executed by hanging. Abigail Williams was the main cause of Salem witch trials because Abigail was the first person to start accusing innocent people of witchcraft. Due to young Abigail actions, 20 innocent people took the calling of death for her actions. The fact that twenty people died all because of Abigail craving attention and wanting her own personal gain from accusing others of having spoken with the devil or witchery is insane. I blame Abigail for anything that has happened during the witch trials of Salem. The Salem witch trials proved to be one of the most cruel and fear driven events to ever occur in history.

Many innocent people were accused of witchcraft, and while some got out of the situation alive not everyone was as lucky. Arthur Miller the author of The Crucible conveys this horrific event in his book and demonstrates what fear can lead people to do. But the reason as to why Arthur Miller felt the need to write The Crucible in the first place was because the unfortunate reality that history seemed to have repeated itself again. In , the most famous trials of all time was held in Salem Virginia, they were the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Another piece of evidence was the Testimony of Abigail Hobbs. She was mostly saying that she was innocent, but she was seeing things that terrified her.

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Wiggin and Lunt, Do your best work! Most of the accusers were under the age How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq twenty and woman. Where can I get a copy of the Salem map that you the jungle book monkey chase How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq devil had won. Hope that helps How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq your bibliography.