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Father Damien

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Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (1999) - Full Movie - David Wenham - Kate Ceberano - Jan Decleir

Ordained priest at Honolulu May 24, of the same year, he was later given charge of various districts on the island of Hawaii, and, animated with a burning zeal, his robust constitution allowed him to give full play to the impulses of his heart. He was not only the missionary of the natives, but also constructed several chapels with his own hands, both in Hawaii and in Molokai. On the latter island there had grown up a leper settlement where the Government kept segregated all persons afflicted with the loathsome disease. The board of health supplied the unfortunates with food and clothing, but was unable in the beginning to provide them with either resident physicians or nurses.

On May 10, , Father Damien, at his own re quest and with the sanction of his bishop, arrived at the settlement as its resident priest. There were then lepers. He not only administered the consolations of religion, but also rendered them such little medical service and bodily comforts as were within his power. Father Damien made war against such depravity by making regular walks around Kalawao, cane in hand, listening for the distinctive sound of the uli-uli. If the culprits saw him approach, they fled in terror because they knew what was coming. He made it crystal clear that his love for them was not of the sentimental type so common in the modern world. It was not long before Father Damien succumbed to the terrible scourge of leprosy. By burying himself on the island, and doing so without the slightest fear of touching and caring for them, he became a leper.

This was confirmed in when he was soaking his feet in scalding hot water without feeling any pain. Father Damien on his deathbed. During the remaining years of his life, he continued to work hard, but with much greater effort. The five-minute walk to the hospital for a man who used to enjoy perfect health now caused him so much pain and fatigue that he would cry all night. Despite his frail health, Father Damien organized a crew to replace it.

Father Limburg continued,. You should have seen the wild activity he was directing, giving his orders, now to the masons, now the carpenters, now to the laborers, all lepers. You would have said he was a man in his element and perfectly healthy. This tells you that Father Damien seems not to want to stop until he falls. A few months later, Father Damien was on his deathbed. Father Damien shortly after his death on April 15, Also shown is Blessed Marianne Cope, who continued his work until her death from tuberculosis in She was beatified on May 14, Father Damien was canonized on October 11, In striking contrast to the Revolutionary way monarchs are historically portrayed, these great ladies visited the colony several times and were received by the lepers like the mothers they were.

This injustice provoked the anger of fellow Presbyterian and world-renowned author Robert Louis Stevenson who happened to be visiting Hawaii at that time. Stevenson took it upon himself to write a refutation that turned out to be perhaps the most objective eulogy of the saint one can find. He then paid to have it published in an English newspaper before it spread throughout the entire world. In it, he points out the battlefield upon which Saint Damien gave his life and eloquently contrasted it with the comfortable life chosen by the Reverend Hyde. It is a lost battle, and lost forever. One thing remained to you in your defeat — some rags of common honor; and these you have made haste to cast away.

Thanks to Mr. Stevenson and devout Catholics the world over, Saint Damien will never be forgotten. In so doing, he became a hero who died on the battlefield of honor. Comments Policy: TFP. Comments and opinions expressed by users do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of TFP. All rights reserved. Catholic web design by Hyperdo Media. Store Donate. Father Damien on his deathbed cropped. Father Damien with group in front of church. Father Damien's signature Father Damien, photograph by William Brigham. Father Damien, photograph by William Brigham2. Geboortehuis ca Father Damien with boys of the settlement, Leuven Naamsestraat zonder nummer - - onroerenderfgoed. Father Albert Montiton.

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