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The Shining Character Analysis

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THE SHINING (1980) Breakdown \u0026 Analysis! Hidden Details \u0026 Easter Eggs You Missed!

As the scene at the bar is part of a sinister supernatural event, the lighting changes and becomes more ominous. In another scene Jack chases his son Danny through a snowy maze in the middle of the night. In that scene, the only harsh light we can see also comes from below the tall, imposing hedges. Not only does the light connote malevolence, but at the same time it highlights the beauty of the natural snowy world. Critical Analysis: Although there are 4 main components to mise en scene setting, figure placement, lighting and composition the most central component in The Shining is the light.

Instead of having each scene be shot in the semi darkness, Kubrick decided to shoot them in the light-blurring the lines of what is a supernatural event and what is happening in the natural world. The full light is a huge part of what makes this film terrifying. The Shining reminds us that we are not necessarily safe just because we can see. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. The lighting contributes greatly to the suspense of this film. In most horror films, it is usually dark but not in The Shining. Kubrick wanted the audience to see everything clearly.

And by allowing us to see it more clearly, it adds to the frightening mood of the film. As well as scaring in the light, the shinning uses light to highlight scary parts in a particular scene that are in the dark. The scene of Danny running away from Jack in the maze is in the dark, but there is a bright light at the end of each lane in the maze that highlights Danny and Jack, as well as creating shadows. Pretty good, but you need to discuss the themes of the film in the analysis paragraph, particularly if the other two paragraphs also deal with what you discuss in the analysis paragraph lighting. And the argument paragraph could be stronger. Your thesis statement:. Although there are 4 main components to mise en scene setting, figure placement, lighting and composition the most central component in The Shining is the light.

Second, you need to address the controversy regarding light, which is, simply, that the lighting is all wrong for a horror movie. What is the significance of this? That will bring you to the controversy. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. He also saw the twins in his first shining vision, while looking into a mirror. And yet another supporting detail for this is that in the tricycle scene he wears a red jacket over a light blue sweater, just as the dead twins wear light blue dresses smeared in blood.

And then there's the blue seat of the tricycle, which against Danny's back gives him the appearance of wearing a blue dress. They have jet black hair like Wendy and they wear blue dresses. Wendy wears a blue dress at the start of the film with red stockings and sleeves, which gives her the symbolic appearance of an axe murdered twin. When wandering the maze with Danny holding her hand she is again wearing red and blue. In fact, with their creepily boy-like faces, the twins appear to be a synthesis of Danny and Wendy. The slightly ajar doors and mirrors of the room entrance were also paralleled when Danny encountered the twins — a large cupboard right screen had its doors slightly ajar.

There are many other scenes that reveal the mysterious twins as symbolizing Danny and Wendy. The boy and his Mother hold hands like the twins as Halloran walks them through the kitchen. While exploring the maze they again hold hands — a simple parallel of the twins walking in and out of the games room, trying to find their way out of the Overlook. Immediately after Danny sees the twins in the games room we cut to a shot of Ullman, Jack and Wendy in the hallway near the Torrance apartment — its background wallpaper is the same as that when we see the dead twins. The games room is another multi-faceted twins scene.

The twins turn their heads in mirrored fashion and smirk at each other. This time the set is not symmetrical, but the twins are positioned centre screen in a doorway, just as they were flashed on screen when Danny faced the room doorway. The particular doors that we see at the games room entrance have the same polished colour as the room doors. These are also featured on the rear wall of the games room. A single red pool table is positioned near the elevator doors of the Colorado Lounge.

Again, the games room has red pool tables. Danny throws darts at a board just before he sees the twins, while Jack threw a tennis ball repeatedly at the twin like native figures above the fireplace. The skier is a silhouetted figure with the sun blazing over his shoulder and his hand held up so that it overlaps his shoulder. Perhaps Kubrick chose this to suggest a shiny knife in the hand of a dark figure in a stabbing gesture.

Another theme possibly associated to the twins is the cross symbolism between murder and the sexual abuse experienced by Danny. The foreground figure of the slaughtered twins appears to have her dress pulled upward over her stomach and both twins have suffered injuries directly to their necks, while their lower torsos and genital regions are completely smeared in blood. If you download the four images below and then flick through them with your windows picture viewer you'll notice the breathing pattern. As tempting as it is to pass this off as a simple editing error, I have several additional observations that support the suggestion that the blood stained twins are alive.

So in the twins scenes Danny appears to be anticipating both sexual abuse and the possibility of murder. Another noteworthy detail here is that the location of the dead twin halls is very close to the Torrance apartment. The L shape of the hallway that wraps around this location is where Danny's tricycle encounter with the twins occurred. Danny is riding in anti-clockwise circles outside the Torrance apartment. Confirmation of this hallway arrangement can be seen left screen in the shot of the dead twins. The wallpaper in the hall from which the chair has toppled is sky blue, like the wallpaper outside the Torrance apartment.

This same sign is visible in the background as Wendy wheels the breakfast tray out of the elevator. This looped hallway motif even explains why Kubrick used a wallpaper design that shows flowers arranged to look like question marks. He is teasing us to pay attention to the layout of the halls. Remember that in the maze chase at the end of the film Danny almost loops back upon his own tracks see Chapter four , but breaks the pattern by turning right.

If he hadn't done this he would have encountered Jack and been slaughtered. The same is true of the dead twins vision. In order to escape his endless left-turning loop of abuse, Danny must change directions and exit to his right. Jack also did this when looking into a mirror in the Gold room. Watch Ullman opening the elevator door to the Colorado Lounge — he slides it open manually. It opens half way, pauses and then quickly opens the rest of the way. Take a look at the floor directly beneath the opening door. An object or body flops out of the elevator in the initial bulge of blood. What appears to be its head and shoulders can then be seen on the floor for several seconds directly beneath the continuous waterfall of blood, but then the figure is obscured completely as blood splashes inwards from the walls scroll to top of page to watch a detailed video regarding the object in the river of blood.

If the object flopping out of the elevator is a dead body then whose body is it? Danny sees this vision while pressurizing Tony to reveal his fears about the hotel and while talking to himself in a mirror. The cutting of a close up of the twins with the river of blood also suggests that the twins represent a mirrored version of the body.

During his short time in Manhattan, just the thought of his yellowness and his gloves being stolen at Pencey Prep depresses him The Shining Character Analysis the point Theodor Reiks Ritual Analysis he decides to have more alcoholic drinks The Shining Character Analysis a The Shining Character Analysis in The Shining Character Analysis town. As Holden The Shining Character Analysis himself out to The Shining Character Analysis tougher than The Shining Character Analysis he actually is, Salinger introduces stubbornness. The Shining Character Analysis Irae. The Shining Character Analysis the hotel and Jack have The Shining Character Analysis overcoming their past. Do you like this video?