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Mcdonalds Business Strategy

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Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Get You To Spend Money

Longevity in various community projects like education, healthcare, medical research and rehabilitation. Environmental Concern in General Environmental concerns have become important in recent years, with the wider impact of doing business increasingly recognized by consumers as a factor in their buyer behavior. Ways to minimize the environmental impact of their operations.

Many businesses are the impact of their positive effect of a attitude is that it may prefer to purchase products. Cooking for ways to lower energy consumption. Recycling- Using packaging materials which may be recycled easily and should adhere the regulations set by largest user of recycled paper in US Composition-selecting packing materials mainly paper packaging in such a way that the same along with food organics could be composed. It was need of the time to take help from the expertise in the field of environmental protection. The food dispensing and cashing area are usually in the front of the store which allows people convenience in terms of coming and, placing their order and taking their food for on the go or to enjoy at the cheerful chairs present at the retail outlets.

The theme of red and yellow is carried out through out the retail outlet in order to further extend the brand colors in the premises. In outlets with seating space, the store usually houses a life-size figure of its mascot Ronald McDonald. The seating area in the outlets is usually present at the left or the right location of the cash register. In locations where the outlets are constraint for space and is multistoried available, in such case the top floor of the restaurant usually has the seating area with the ground floor being the cash counter and the kitchen. The area at the back of the cash register houses a kitchen and hot shelves on which the available orders are placed.

Aside form this almost all franchises and branches of the company also house a Kids playing area, and a room reserved form children parties. The McDonalds chain of fast food restaurants has been promoting diversity in its franchise outlets all over the world. This combined with the superior quality of food provided have enabled the company to establish a strong position in the international market, amongst its competitors.

The company initiated a department for Affirmative Action programs in the s and has been reaping the benefits of investment in the community. Aside from this the company has also been providing for and supporting sociable causes in its regions of operations in order to promote development in the community. The company is planning to launch an energy and waste recycling initiative called Green City. Moreover McDonalds has also been trying to improve the crime and justice issues in its areas of operation. The Illinois based fast food giant has been providing pro bono legal advice and support to its community in Illinois, however as of , the company has taken a systematic approach to providing this public service.

The popular growth strategy that was employed by McDonalds until recently pertained to opening new stores for operation over a large span of geographic area. The financial impact of this strategy has been tremendous resulting in financial growth for the company. In the recent years the demand for fast food products has been decreasing as the consumers have become increasingly aware of health risks and are focusing on eating healthy foods. McDonalds has taken up this opportunity and has started to provide a whole range of salads catering to such customers.

Moreover the company has been able to attain a diversified presence in the varying geographic markets in the world. The strong supply chain of the company also supports its operations and enables it to maintain its quality and standard in its franchise operations around the world. The weaknesses of the company however pertain to the weak revenue growth, as well as the low revenue per employee that is inherent in the company. Corporate level strategies relate to an entire organisation. Therefore, customers form the fundamental foundation for derivation of successful business strategies. The company classifies its consumers based on parameters like age, tastes and preferences, and cultural affiliations among other demographic characteristics.

It then proceeds to define the needs of its target market segments. Facella reckons that the company also offers a number of breakfast packages and lunch coupled with dinner meals, drinks, and snacks for both children and adults in different places across its global outlets. Deploying this principle has seen the organisation build huge brand loyalty in all its areas of operations.

The organisation has a rich history of struggles to provide better services and low-priced fast foods. The efforts enable the company to adapt to environmental changes fast, acquire new operational skills, become technologically perceptive, and leverage its core competencies while engaging in competition with its rival organisations. Corporate level strategies aim at examining what an organisation does coupled with its command decisions. The company has a variety of corporate-level strategies to assist its continued growth. It can focus on staying on a single activity in the industry with the chief purpose of creating a competitive position.

It does not intend to change the industry. Indeed, by focusing specifically on the fast foods industry, the organization has established a very strong worldwide brand image and loyalty. The only challenge is how to sustain this achievement in the long-term. Alternatively, it can engage in unrelated diversification. This aspect calls the organisation to enter a new industry and then focus on building a new brand portfolio. This move aids in reducing costs via the provision of methodologies for forward integration, establishment of channels of distribution, inputs, and selling of outputs. Lastly, it can focus on international expansion as a mechanism for performance sustenance. Hence, focusing solely on internal expansion is not advisable. In my opinion, the most viable corporate level strategy entails focusing on international expansion.

Therefore, the strategy also demands diversification of products in a bid to meet cultural needs for different people in the global fast food markets.

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