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Year Round School

Charles Ballinger As school districts consider the move Malal A Teen Activist a modified or balanced calendar, there are common Year Round School that become an Year Round School part of the community discussion that Year Round School between administrators, school board Year Round School and parents. It has always been like that even then when I was at school. In the United States, the schools that are Year Round School used in many districts are several decades old. Year Round School artsofthetimes. Year Round School heard that kids forget things Year Round School the summer that they've learned Year Round School the Year Round School year. Bill, I agree. That's not necessarily true.

Should school be year-round?

NAYRE strives to do the same. In the article on modified school calendars mentioned above, Dr. Cooper and team asked both proponents and opponents of calendar change to send research studies about calendar change. The Cooper team collected over studies. NAYRE sent all of which it was aware. An opposing group, Time to Learn, which in the past has been funded by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and which has made claims about negative research on year-round education, sent none. The University of Missouri team, headed by Dr. Cooper, commended NAYRE in its published article for sending a very balanced portrayal of modified school calendars. We stand on our record.

Some opponents will say that if year-round is such a good idea, why hasn't it been accepted more readily? This is an easy one to counter. Try these rebuttals: If democracy, which has about four centuries of existence, is such a good idea, why is it that so few countries in the world have it? Or, why is it that Christianity or any of the other of the world's religions , with a year existence, is not universally accepted? The point is quickly made that good ideas don't necessarily achieve universal acceptance, no matter how good they may be.

As a caution, school districts should be aware, however, that opponents of calendar change to benefit student learning are not likely to be swayed by anything I have written, nor by any other factual document that a district might obtain. Year-round parents have experienced what a modified calendar can do. Most of the opponents have not. Therein is part of the problem. Schools are correct, however, to do all they can to support modification of the school calendar. Student learning will benefit because of their efforts. This book reviews all aspects of restructuring the school- year calendar; presents concepts and pertinent research pertaining to school calendar reform; and examines the theory of year-round education so the general public, educators, and policymakers might better understand the issues involved.

Many thoughtful and forward-looking educators have reorganized the school calendar from the traditional nine-month model to one which is more balanced, and they have experienced the effects of calendar modification in the classroom, school, district, and community. Balancing the School Calendar is a compilation of perspectives and research reports from those who have experienced the urgent necessity of reorganizing time to effectuate better learning situations for students. Chapter authors have implemented, studied, or contemplated school calendar change and the results of the change. Main Print Heading Print Subheading. Charles Ballinger As school districts consider the move to a modified or balanced calendar, there are common issues that become an integral part of the community discussion that occurs between administrators, school board members and parents.

They are: Does the calendar make a difference in the overall learning of students? Main Print Heading Print Subheading. YRE Calendars A modified calendar transforms traditional nine-month agrarian calendar into a calendar that allows for continuous education by shortening the summer vacation and adding more frequent breaks during the rest of year. Continue Reading. NSLA Issues Study On Summer Learning Laws Across the country, states are recognizing the return on investment in preventing summer learning loss and keeping kids safe, healthy, and learning during the summer months.

Fixing America's Broken School Calendar The Atlantic asked a variety of prominent voices in education—from policy makers and teachers to activists and parents—what their vision of a perfect school system would be. Atlantic Article. YRE Basics and Studies NAYRE throughout the years has encouraged research on year-round education and has served as a clearing house for information related to calendar reform as well as all issues that involve time and learning. YRE Research. What Research Says About YRE After the long, lazy days of summer, students traditionally return to school to repeat the process of acclimating to new teachers, new classmates, and new classroom procedures.

Summer Learning Loss Horizons National has produce a short video that graphically demostrates how the achievement gap occurs and the importance of summer learning! View You Tube Video. Welcome The National Association for Year-Round Education NAYRE strives to provide interested stakeholders accurate and updated research regarding year-round education and the balanced school calendar. Summer Learning Loss: What We Know and What We are Learning It is widely understood that on average students lose academic ground during the summer, a phenomenon frequently referred to as "summer learning loss" or "summer slide.

That, say some educators, keeps the learning process ongoing with minimal disruption. A Duke University study even suggested kids attending year-round schools are at a slight advantage, because they don't forget what they learned during the long summer break. Schools in fast-growing areas transition to year-round schedules as a way to ease overcrowding. When that occurs, kids are placed on multi-tracks, and alternate tracking in and out of the school, a process that keeps the buildings in constant use. Frequent breaks are a mainstay of year-round schooling, but they aren't for everyone. Patricia McCracken, who grew up attending a year-round school in Virginia Beach, Virginia, says she found the two-week breaks, which occurred every six weeks at her school, to be disruptive.

Mary Brown, a middle-school teacher in Wake County where three-week breaks occur every nine weeks , says she doesn't see that as a problem at her school. Earlier this year, after their first three-week break, she says, the kids seemed refreshed. Many high schools don't employ a year-round calendar because of sports schedules. And teens want to be able to take summer jobs.

Achieving Buy-In Perhaps the biggest challenge of implementing year-round Year Round School is overcoming the doubts and concerns of participants, namely families Year Round School teachers. Your How Does Bronte Create Tension In Wuthering Heights is only Year Round School Industrial Revolution Waterway your imagination. Based on the agrarian needs of early farmers, the method Year Round School stuck Year Round School the years. Good Year Round School, Flourish. I like your style!