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Relationships In Maus One In Elie Wiesels Night

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Er istKurator und Autor, u. Teilnahme an der documenta5 und documenta Kawai Masayuki, JapanKawai Masayuki wurde geboren. Roee Rosen, IsraelRoee Rosen wurde geboren. Birgit Hein, born in in Berlin, from she has made experimental films, performances andinstallations with Wilhelm Hein. Since numerouspublications on experimental film, including Film imUnderground, Berlin and Film als Film, Stuttgart Participated in documenta5 in and documenta6 in Birgit Heinis a member of the Berlin Academy of the Arts.

Karina Karaeva is curator, art critic, head of cinemaand the video programmes department of theNational Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow. He creates videoworks in a unique style and explores his broad stylesand activities unconstrained by existing genres suchas film, contemporary arts, and media arts. His workshave been shown and received numerous awardsin media art festivals and exhibitions in over 30countries. He also writes on arts, critique and philosophyand organizes exhibitions.

He now lives in Tokyo. Roee Rosen was born in He is an Israeli-American artist, filmmaker and writer. Seit Filmkritiker u. Jan Distelmeyer studied theatre, film and televisionstudies, media studies and philosophy in Bochumand Hamburg. From to visiting professor and research fellow at PotsdamUniversity. Has authored various publications onfilm and media history. Sie realisierte u. Karola Gramann is a film curator and artistic directorof the Kinothek Asta Nielsen, which she co-founded in in Frankfurt am Main.

She has organised largescaleretrospectives Germaine Dulac , Asta Nielsen and programs for cinemas and festivals. Her main focuses are experimental film, early cinema,amateur film, queer cinema. Andreas SiekmannAndreas Siekmann wurde in Hamm geboren. Er lebt und arbeitet inBerlin. Seine Arbeitenwurden u. Andreas Siekmann was born in Hamm in He livesand works in Berlin. In his works, Andreas Siekmannexamines the commercialisation and privatisationof public urban space.

His drawings, models, videos,exhibition projects and works in the public spacecritically and ironically expose prevailing balancesof power, and formulate alternatives. Die Preise werden von der NRW. BANK gestiftet. Zwei Oberhausen er Kinder- und Jugendjurys vergeben im Internationale n KinderundJugendfilmwettbewerb zwei Preise im Kinderfilmwettbewerb und einen Preisim Jugendfilmwettbewerb, dotiert mit jeweils 1. Preis, dotiert mit 2. Preis, dotiert mit 1. Kontakt contact: Hilke Doering, doering kurzfilmtage. Kontakt contact: Carsten Spicher, spicher kurzfilmtage. The prize ismade up of a 0. The prizemoney is designated for the production of a new film by the prize winner. This prize includes an option for 3sat to purchasethe winning title and broadcast it on 3sat.

The Prizes are indowed by the NRW. The awards and premiums will be given to the filmmakers. The Video Library can be found in the Druckluft in walking distance to the Festivalcinema. Here, all submitted works are made available for individual viewing on DVD orin digitised format. The Video Library offers accredited experts and industry representativesthe opportunity to select from more than 6, films and videos according tothe specific demands and selection criteria of TV channels, distributors and festivalsetc.

Detailed search options facilitateresearch in the online catalogue. Since the end of the 50s the Festival has been buying prints from the competitionprogrammes. During more than five decades this has led to a unique treasure holdingmore than 1, titles with more than 2, copies. The inventory in form of a databasecontains information on the technical condition of the prints, the situation regardingnegatives, copyrights and secondary material. In the case of some works the Festivalowns the only surviving film print. Every year, the Short Film Festival adds around 50 new titles from the competitionsat each respective festival to its non-commercial distribution programme. Cinemas,museums, cultural institutions, Goethe Institutes and other venues throughout theworld now have access to a range of around short films.

Single films or individuallycompiled programmes can be borrowed; the Short Film Festival will be glad to help withsuch compilations. The Festival thanks all cinemas that have shown the Festival trailer. Kurzfilmtage Festivalkatalog The Festival thanks its sponsors and partners for their energetic and excellent cooperations. Entries came from 98 differentcountries. From this large number, 57 films from 35 countries were selected for theInternational Competition, including two German productions. There will be 15 festival world premieres and eleven international premieres. Allthe other films will be shown for the first time in Germany. WolfProgramm 1Freitag A short documentary about an encounterbetween elk whisperer and elk at the beginning of the hunting season.

Powerful natural and mechanical forces intertwined throughstructural observation. Seine Filme wurden bereits in Oberhausen und auf anderen Festivals gezeigt. Filmauswahl Blocking; Bajo tierra; Diario colorado in Oberhausen ; Carta austral. Upon the end of the Kremlin NewYear Show children come out to the Cathedral Square where their parents arewaiting for them. The tale of Derek, an office worker,as he struggles with the true speed of planet earth. Weiterer Film: Obscura. He moves the camera like the waves. When the desert surface rises highand strong like waves, he uses the sky as a blue screen without showing any othershapes to provide the purest image.

This is where the video reveals its profundity. Kontakt www. The simple and poeticgesture of children burning mounds of white poplar fluff implies a promise - thepromise of renewal. Some are street kids, some have a family and some do not,some have a home and some do not. Internationale r WettbewerbProgramm 2Freitag DasAckerland wird enteignet, um darauf Fabriken zu errichten. Raju, ein Jungeaus einer Kleinstadt in Westbengalen, protestiert mithilfe von Plakatendagegen. Industrialisation is slowly creeping into the villages of West Bengal. Allthe farmlands are taken over to build factories. Raju, a boy from a small town inWest Bengal, raises his voice against this through posters.

Padi ist sein Abschlussfilm. Seine Filme wurden europaweit auf Festivals gezeigt; Internet Story wurdeeine halbe Million mal im Internet gesehen. Images of stones thrownand beatings blend in with humorous digressions, cinematographic critiques, andthe obligatory tea ritual of Arab hospitality. Thescene takes place on a memorial site of the war between Egypt and Israel. Shahar Marcus lebt und arbeitet in Tel Aviv. Filmauswahl: Frog Test. Das Video erfindet diesen Prozessneu. The pathway of iron ore coming from the mining operation. The video piecereinvents this process, analysing the relationship between nature and culture,and also shifting the relation viewer-artwork-industry. The biblical parable from the Gospel according toMatthew about the Sower - but with a modern Swedish farmer, an old tractor anda sowing machine.

Von Kindheit an faszinierte ihn Film. Er entwickelte Projekte und stellte Trailer her. During the Maguindanao massacre 58 people, including 32journalists, were slain. With all the scenes played in reverse, the film captures thewistful yearning to turn back time to before the tragedy occurred. The cloud, paradoxically, is as well a metaphorfor obstacles as for the reconciliation with the state of unknowing, or, in otherwords, divine experience. Allerdingsbin ich das Ende der Welt. Mir bleibt jetzt nur noch der Abdruck eines Bildes auf meinen Augen. Das Bild ist blau. The elephant died. I have already known the world will end. However, the end of the world is me.

Go on … I am left behind by the line. All I cando now is printing an image on my eyes. The image is blue. This is a story abouta boy who realised the world would end. This is a story about a man who realisedthe world would never end. Filmauswahl: Moonriders; Flame out. Homage to avant-garde artistTomislav Gotovac. A film about being by oneself, about the moments in whichmelancholy, sadness and loneliness reach the surface, about emotions which arenot unfamiliar to anyone and which the artist lays bare. Eine Schauspielerin wartet aufihren Auftritt. Two minutes before the beginning of a performance. An actressis waiting for her scene. The Annunciation is a film in which oneof the central motifs of Christian iconography is constructed and re-enactedthrough moving image.

In the work, the actors reconstruct the sacred, and in theprocess redefine the human through the divine and the animal. Part magic, part science, part eco-historical investigation, thisanimated film traces real and imagined journeys of a teak bed found in Singaporeacross SEAsia to the original tree, using DNA. A film on memories of wood, treesand people. A man in the forest: inner and outer worlds of images overlay each other. In these turbulent times the debate about the essenceof art is all the more intensified. Er ist einProjekt der African Noise Foundation. Filmauswahl: Wasted; Western 4. A record of an important aspect of mywork at the pigsty — the mating and breeding of pigs.

Kunstbiennalevon Venedig teil. A fragmentary and poetic film about theportrayal of a place and its historical layers. Er arbeitet mit Film, Video, Fotografie und anderen Medien. Seine Werkesind u. A Los Angelesinterior. Moving walls. Practicing a song to a loved one. A film about the femalebody. Der Film beobachtet ihre Rituale in einer Gesellschaft, die schon seitlangem von China kontrolliert wird. The film follows their rituals in a society that for a long timehas been controlled by China. Drittes Gesetz: N Kedzie Blvd. Der Tod ist ein Schneesturm im Sommer. With openwindows, seasons change in a home as memory persists. Death is a snowstormin summer. Through the looking glass one travels and becomes immersed in afiery pane of hand-painted wonders.

A film about dreaming andescaping to a place where possibilities are unlimited. About flying for example. Wouldyou change your way of life because of a dream? A burmese shaman tells thestory of how she got the sixth sense. Malody stirbt. Malody is terminally ill. Shesits with her father in a restaurant inside a big wooden wheel. A little girl entersand turns the restaurant upside down. Malody dies and is taken to a river by herdad. She is brought back to life by the little girl.

Seine filmbasiertenInstallationen waren bereits international auf Tour und wurden u. Inspired by the Arab Spring, Sirocco is the fable of a man in a perpetualagony of restlessness. His thoughts wander through the desert, a symbol ofeternity, and at the same time force him to see himself. Seine Filme liefen weltweit auf Festivals, u. Warum sie auf denIndex gesetzt wurden, ist logisch nicht nachvollziehbar. Der Gedanke war,ein kleines visuelles Labyrinth zu kreieren.

Scenes from 40 banned Slovakfilms made between and have been analysed and put together. Therewas almost no logic as to why they were banned. The idea was to create a smallvisual labyrinth. Filmauswahl: Exercise; Martelinar; Trina. Kontakt sittcomm. A fragmentary re-enactment in the Dafen Oil Painting Village,China - a place for the mass reproduction of oil paintings. Er lebt und arbeitet in Amsterdam. A film about a lost friendship. Their pictorial dialogue about the idea of replaceability turns into a humorousand philosophical meditation. Ein ermordeter Mann auf dem Asphalt. Eine ganze Gruppe, die Mord inszeniert. On a sidewalk in NewYork. A young girl soaked in blood, her inert body offered to the street. Elsewhere,near the docks, a man murdered on the tarmac.

Actually they are many. A wholegroup is enacting murder. Filmauswahl: Monstre, numero deux; Song; River of Anger. This is a film aboutblack cowgirls and cowboys preparing themselves for the rodeo event of calfroping. Filmed in Lafayette, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi, the title refers tothe type of rope they use to capture fast calves. A wealthy Paraguayan rancher has gone missing. Near the ranch, peasants from the village of Isla Alta observe the rich familysearching for the missing rancher. Wenn ergerade nicht beim Melken hilft oder die Tiere im Wald beobachtet, spielter ein Videospiel: Farming Simulator Vor seinem Computer sitzend,baut er einen industriellen Viehzuchtbetrieb auf und versucht, immer mehrGewinn zu machen.

A young boy is working in a farm, which is surrounded byforest. In front of his computer, he invents anindustrial farm, and tries to make more and more benefits. Eingeschlossen in einVakuum zwischen Vergangenheit und Zukunft - die so genannte Gegenwart. Mit jedem Schritt befreien sich die Gedanken und gehen ihren eigenen Wegden Wolken entgegen. Wo bleibe ich da? Eine Wanderung den Berg hinaufin ungeahnte Tiefen. A place where mountain tops merge with clouds. Andenclosed in a void between past and future: the so-called present. My thoughtsare gradually set free and follow their own path towards the clouds.

Where doesthat leave me? Hiking up the mountains into unknown abysses. Verschiedene Tiere treffen hier zusammen. A late summer afternoonby the harbour of Somova, a small place at the Danube Delta. Various animalsgather here. A couple of goats, dogs, cats, birds and a lonely horse. Small detailshint at the fact that the animals belong to the humans. Internationale r WettbewerbProgramm 9Dienstag 1. The world can changein a day when you find yourself in civil war. Excerpts from the statements of guiltof the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia combined withchildhood memories of the siege of Sarajevo. Sie wurde zu 25 Jahren Haftverurteilt. Agniezka und Janusz schreiben sich seit acht Jahren.

Sie habensich vor diesem Film nie gesehen. He is serving a life sentence. She was sentencedto 25 years in prison. Agnieszka and Janusz started corresponding witheach other eight years ago. They have never seen each other before until thisfilm. A girl visits her ex-boyfriend in search of their lost intimacy. Thisfilm is about relationships between people, love for nature and for mothers. Aftera long separation, a son returns to the deserted village to take his old motherwith him to the city. Tic Tac means:Pushing yourself off from an object to overcome an unstable or smaller one. Neli travels to Bucharest for a few days leavingher year-old son Dan alone at home.

On her return, her neighbours and friendsrush in to inform her about even the smallest detail of the party that Dan organisedin her absence. Three different people end up at the same table at a bar. They talk about Thailand,children and how different kinds of fish are called in Latin. A trip to Pamplona in the70s. Behind the lovely travel diaries lies a story of love and intolerance. Sie reist,ist aber nicht in Bewegung. Sie starrt in einen Abgrund und fragt sich, ob sieda lebend herauskommen wird.

Odete is stuck between her past and her future. Seit unterrichtet er in Fortaleza. Er ist Regisseur von sieben Kurz- und vierSpielfilmen. Lopez MaasDrehbuch Juan S. According to a Peruvian wisdom the soul ofa deceased person returns in the form of a donkey. The portrait of two Peruvianfamilies who have a special bond with a donkey. Darunter befinden sich ein mm-Film, zweimm-Filme und 24 Videoproduktionen. Alle Videoarbeiten sind digitaleFormate. Geografisch konzentriert sich die Auswahl deutscher Filme auf Berlinmit 16 Produktionen. Hamburg und Nordrhein-Westfalen sind mit je dreiProduktionen, Brandenburg mit zwei Produktionen vertreten. There were 1, entries for the German Competition at the Festival 1, films. From this large number, 27 works were chosen for the German Competition.

These include one 35 mm film, two 16 mm films and 24 video productions. All video works are digital formats. Geographicallyseen, the selection of German films is concentrated on Berlin 16 productions. Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia are represented with three productionseach, Brandenburg with two productions. Ten of the films are shorter than ten minutes, 15 run for between ten and 20minutes, and two last longer than 20 minutes. This year, the Short Film Festival will be showing eleven festival world premieres;six films will be screened for the first time in Germany. WolfProgramm 1Samstag Since the 70s, scientists have been conducting experiments with bizarreamusement rides to study their effects on the human brain.

Appropriating theaesthetics of a television documentary the short film offers a tongue-in-cheekinsight into our search for happiness and freedom. Seine Kurzfilme wurden weltweit vielfach mit Preisen ausgezeichnet. Filmauswahl: Telesync ; Delivery; Spring. Colourscolonise things. They conquer and seize them like a paint bucket someone poursout over something. The video shows colour as an autonomous agent within theboundaries of filmic space. Gemeinsame Arbeiten as found; Translating the other. Ich habe mir deswegen nie dieAugen lasern lassen. Real excitement is always kind of out of focus.

All joy lies in hasty perceptions and a blind rush. A colour-separation portrait of the Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens made duringthe anti-austerity protests in This is a film of surfaces - of grafittiedmarble streets and wheat-pasted city walls - hand-processed and triple-exposedin red, green, and blue. A girl and her brother play in the water; Orpheus andHeurtebise cross through Hades — formal similarities. Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Made of feature film images, incoherent fairy-tale fragments and oldscience-fiction footage, Meteor stages the experiences and the way a young boyperceives the world on the threshold of detachment and self-discovery.

Pitch builds a ball and destroys it. In Indien hat sie ein Literatur-und Kommunikationsstudium abgeschlossen und bei mehreren internationalen Filmproduktionenmitgearbeitet. Filmauswahl: Haashiya; Dazwischen; MindSpace. Der Besuch endet in einem Badezimmer. Asa reference to the German version of the Psycho trailer USA voiced over byAlfred Hitchcock in person, a gardener with a chainsaw guides us through the estateof the Herbert Gerisch Foundation in Schleswig-Holstein 51 years later.

The visitends in a bathroom. Satisfying herself she cuts the throat offher bird and puts its exsanguinated body into the freezer. Aerobic; Ich habe Angst. Frida steht auf Black Metal. Several days in the life of ayoung couple in Stockholm. Beside the young couple there is a real estate agentwho provides guided tours. Frida goes for Black Metal. Oskar needs Frida, butFrida needs music as a symbol of something more. Filmauswahl: Wissen wir heute, dass die rotwehenden Fahnen damals peinlich waren?

Correct German upbringing. A short documentary about thenaturalness of the body and sex in old age. Ein Tribut an den Mann, das geheimnisvolleWesen. A portrait thatmaintains its right to stay a mystery. A song, a riddle, an owl, a frozen shoreline,urban savannah: fragments of brief encounters with wild and urban creaturesand tender gestures in unsettling environments. A tribute to men full of secrets. Deutscher WettbewerbProgramm 3Sonntag An exchange of letters between two Japanese women after theFukushima nuclear catastrophe. Filme: Liisa, Winter. A short dance film about waiting. Abrief glimpse at three young men as they are waiting for their laundry.

Dance scenes in several placesin the Johannesburg city area, in Soweto and in SKY, a centre for some of themost neglected children in South Africa, documenting an overwhelming culturalvibrancy amidst the greatest poverty. Gemeinsame Filme u. A tributeto dysfunctional spaces that still emanate creative potential. An attempt to buildan intimate and personal relationship with that space - being loyal to its demandsand dedicated within the efforts. The Humping Pact ist ihr erster gemeinsamer Film.

Und vergisst, dass sie einem fehlen werden,wenn man wieder eine Frau sein will. Thethings you drop on the way up the ladder so you can move faster. You forget youwill need them again when you get back to being a woman. The thrill ofcompetition, the thrill of speed, the thrill of danger, a quarter mile drag strip, tworiders, four bulls, four wheels, 60 kilometers per hour, and lots of dust. Warum ist er verschwunden? Und wohin? Und werist eigentlich dieser Carl? What happened?

Why did he disappear? And where? And who isCarl anyway? A reconstruction of a life told from 13 point of views. A confrontationwith a personal tragedy. Lebt in Murnau amStaffelsee. Filmauswahl: Coco Ocean Emperor; L. PhillipsVertrieb arsenal experimentalRote Ampel. Zwei Autos. Kann nicht aufstehen, michnicht mehr bewegen. Red light. Two cars. Filmauswahl: Fontanestr. Stifling heat over a dried out landscape. Old men — clad like knights — dozing in theshadow of a tree. The ruins of a castle exposed on a hill. We are searching menfor a knight movie. Biografie Christina Diz geboren in Barcelona. Filmauswahl: Sleepless Knights. The film is a about a long-termresearch on a family history which takes place in Thessaloniki and Munich.

Thefilm consists of a photo album, a skype call and an interview. The non-linearnarrative constitutes itself on a double screen. Filmauswahl: Polylog;CrashVertrauenTeer. Die Protagonistin versuchtdem zu entfliehen, indem sie die Rollen und Erscheinungsbilder verschiedenerTiere annimmt. The story dealswith a mental dilemma. The protagonist is trying to escape it by adopting theroles and shapes of different animals. After several failures she has to accept herown limitations in order to be able to continue her journey. An experimental documentaryportraying various inhabitants of Istanbul in the tradition of the Cadavre Exquis. Together they tell the self-invented story of a cat. Neuberger lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Alle Videoarbeiten sinddigitale Formate.

Drei weitere Arbeiten sind frei produziert. Among the 1, entries for the German Competition at the Festival there were films coming from North Rhine-Westphalia. Eleven video productions were chosenfor the NRW Competition. Three more works have been produced independently. Four of the films are shorter than ten minutes, three run for between ten and 20minutes, and four last longer than 20 minutes. This year, the Short Film Festival will be showing five festival world premiereswithin this programme and three films will be screened for the first time inGermany. Das Verborgenekommt wieder hoch, als sie auf Niklas 14 trifft.

Janna 15 was sexually abused in her childhood. What was hidden re-surfaceswhen she meets Niklas Helplessly she tries to approach the experience of herabuse. She shows him what happened and turns into an offender herself. Timid creatures in the forest - a young woman is tellingabout her everyday life, which is marked by fear. The shadow of the filmmaker is silhouetted againstwater surfaces moving in the light and the wind. Selected from a collection ofsimilar recordings in various locations, the video arranges 23 of these takes in asequence to make up a self-portrait.

Seit sind seine Videos und Installationen in internationalen Galerien, Museen, Video- undFilmfestivals vertreten. Doch in einem Jahr sollBorschemich dem Erdboden gleich gemacht werden, denn unter dem Dorfliegt Braunkohle. Niklas muss umziehen! But next year, Borschemich will be demolished for there is brown coal under thevillage. Niklas will have to move! Noa tells about her family. She talks about her motherMiriam, who she got to know as a little girl, and her other mother Sylvia as wellas her sister Daphne. Filmauswahl: ThePlayground; Nuke! Wer bist du? Ichhabe es vergessen. Fragmentary essay about sealed togetherness. Who areyou? I have forgotten. Was bleibt? You had built up and secured everything youneeded for the twilight years of your life that you ended up never having.

A few memories and the feeling that you and I had a lot in common. Sterben nicht vorgesehen ist sein Diplomfilm an der KHM. Die Gastfreundschaft des Hauses war Teil ihresLebens geworden. Bis ein Gast eintraf, der etwas anderes im Sinn hatte. Forgenerations a family lived in a spacious, beautiful and generous house. The generosityof the house had become part of their life. Guests were always welcome toenjoy a pleasant stay. Until one guest arrived with a different plan in mind. Little Daisy buildssmall cardboard houses hoping to find someone who can live in them with her. However, the cardboard house is so fragile that it hardly protects Daisy and herdream. An industrial area, a balloon shop, three crooks, a low-fat shake,a dinosaur, a poodle, a tracksuit, more tracksuits, nothing but hot air or is it theright track?

An absurd film about a failed quest. Kinder- und JugendfilmwettbewerbZahlen und Tendenzen — Dieses wird am April und 1. Mai jeweils um Unter dem Motto ,Wie sehe ich dich? Zu sehen und zuerleben am April um 15 Uhr im Zentrum Altenberg. Mai den Gewinnern die mit insgesamt 3. April im LichtburgFilmpalast Oberhausen zu sehen. This year, from the around productions that came into question for childrenand young people, 41 short films from 21 different countries were chosen. Interms of numbers, Germany and the Netherlands top the list with five productionseach. It is particularly pleasing that, in addition to Taiwan, a striking number ofAsian countries — Bangladesh, South Korea and the Philippines — are also featured,adding further interest to the programme.

Films were chosen for seven different age groups. All of them reflect the worldin which children and young people live, and adopt their view of themes and situations. At the same time, however, they call into question habitual ways of seeing:children and young people are to be deliberately confronted with unconventionalnarrative forms, and have their awareness sharpened by challenging forms. Primary school children decidethemselves what they would like to see in the cinema. This will be presented on 29 April and 1 May at 2. This project, sponsored by the Sir Peter UstinovFoundation, is taking place for the second time — in even as a competition.

Aprestigious jury will choose the best of 15 clips presented and award prize moneydonated by Energieversorgung Oberhausen evo. This can be seen and experiencedon 28 April at 3 p. For the fifth time, we are presenting a kindergarten programme in collaborationwith the Oberhausen Integration Council. The film programme for the littlies of three and older,which introduces children to the experience of cinema in a playful way suited totheir age group, can be seen on 30 April in the Lichtburg Filmpalast Oberhausen.

Am Montag versucht er daher, sich anPapas Fahrrad festzuklammern, um ihn am Wegfahren zu hindern. Filmauswahl: God dagHerr Hulemann En hjulehistorie.. Die beiden sind sehr neugierigund machen erstaunliche Entdeckungen. Foxy, an orange fox and Meg,a blue chicken, became friends the moment they met each other. The two charactersare very curious, and this will lead them to make amazing discoveries. Vertrieb Svenska FilminstitutetEin Schweinchen geht schwimmen. Doch alles wird anders, als sie dachten. Little Pig decides to go for a swim.

On the way, it meets a hedgehog with too fewprickles, a crow whose beak is too long, a green lamb and a little calf covered inwhite spots. They help out a turtle, who grants each of them a wish. But thingstake a rather unexpected turn. Things are moving around in the deep sea. Filmauswahl: Eden;7 Hours. Vertrieb Svenska Filminstitutet Internationale FestivalpremiereAston kann seinen Geburtstag kaum noch abwarten und macht aus allem,was ihm in die Finger kommt, ein Paket. Manchmal ist das echte Geschenknicht das beste. Eagerly awaiting his birthday, Aston is creating packages ofanything he lays his hands on.

Sometimes the real present is not the best one. Who is not Sleeping? Wer kann nicht schlafen? Das ist sehraufregend, aber auch ein bisschen gruselig und fremd. When his efforts to fit in fail miserably, he resorts to drastic measures toget rid of them. His teeth, however, have other plans. Dort lernte sie die Produktion von 2D Digital Cutouts kennen, die sie mittraditionellen Handzeichnungen kombiniert. Doch er gibt nicht so leicht auf. However,he is not a quitter. And a boy like him will always find new ways to pursuehis dreams. Derzeit schreibt er amDrehbuch seines ersten Spielfilms. A creative person often seems weird, funny and a little bit crazy. Even his friendsand family do not always understand him and often feel ashamed of him.

Butsometimes he can create a real miracle — merely from garbage. Aber das ist nicht soeinfach. Datho, a Russian boy, hates his new classmate Tamari, an Ossetian warrefugee, so much that he destroys her colour markers, the only gift from her poormother. After Datho realises what he has done to Tamari, he tries to make it upwith her. The story of Stretch, the snake, that was too long to see its tail. Mit einem Ergebnis voll lebhafterFantasie. The result is full of imaginationand fantasy. Um imAlltag zurechtzukommen, entwickelt sie Techniken wie magisches Denkenund Vermeidungsstrategien. A little girl plagued by her fears and imagination is developing techniquesin order to manage her daily life: magical thinking, avoidance. Could reaching outto the others be the solution?

Aber ihre Mutter und ihre Lehrerin lassensie nicht. Sie soll wie alle anderen Kinder sein. Wird Mina es schaffen, sozu sein, wie sie will? Mina wants to be Minnie Mouse. She has to be like all the other children. Will Mina succeed in beingwho she wants to be? A flightless crake living in areed marsh gets up early and observes a golden bird flying above him. The crakedisapproves of the golden bird as he sees it as a kind of show-off. Seinen scharfen Sinnenentgeht nichts. Matthew ist ein hervorragender Detektiv. Matthew has asecret power: He can see in the dark! He does it with the eyes hidden in his ears,his fingertips, his toes, his tongue, and even his nostrils.

Matthew is a super detective. Viau nfb. Brauchen wir wirklichMeerschweinchenfellschuhe? Children talk about their ideas of the future Dowe really need guinea pig fur shoes then? Ab drehten sie erste Video-Dokumentarfilme. Die Geschwister sind stolz darauf. Madeleine and Anthony live in a travellingcircus. All who work there belong to the community and have to help. Whatlies behind this dreamlike setting is a culture with strict traditions and its ownlanguage.

The siblings are proud of it. Als sieHector begegnet, einem netten Jungen chinesischer Herkunft, sieht sie aufeinmal alles anders. Not long ago, she developed the excruciatinghabit of wearing shoes that are too small for her. When she meets Hector,a gracious boy of Chinese descent, she starts to see things from a different angle. A briefglimpse at three young men as they are waiting for their laundry. Through the eye ofhis camera, Jonathan sees how grown up people deal with the death of his fatherand say their last goodbyes to him. Maybe he could postpone this farewell. Filmauswahl: Lot; Schat; Blind. Meanwhile he struggles athis swimming lessons. Zahlreiche seiner Kurzfilme sind bei internationalen Festivals zu sehen gewesen.

Er ist zwar nicht zu Hause, aber sie lernt seineneue Familie kennen. Ihre Kurzfilmewurden auf verschiedenen Festivals und im Fernsehen gezeigt. Boni, a poor boy from theslums, squares off with the stark reality of drugs, petty crime and abuse with hisown brand of hip-hop and some divine intervention. Er ist unteranderem der kreative Kopf hinter dem Film Andong, der beim Festival in Clermont-Ferrandausgezeichnet wurde. A short documentary about an year-old girlwho is trying to escape the deaf world she is living in.

Joost Breda. Diskret und in aller Stille nutzt er seine Unsichtbarkeit alsZufluchtsort, als einen Fluchtweg. Tom is Discreetly and secretly he hasmade his invisibility a refuge, a way to escape. Derzeit entwickelt er seinen ersten Spielfilm. Sie musste zwar von Afrika Abschied nehmen, aber sie freut sichauch auf ihr neues Leben in Holland. Doch schon bald merkt Inge, dass siein Holland eine andere Person ist als in Mosambik.

She has had to say goodbyeto Africa, but she is also looking forward to her new life in Holland. In einer Art Abschiedsbriefan geliebte Verstorbene geht es um Trauer, gemildert durch verspieltenHumor und schlichten Charme. Made as a goodbye letter to a deceased beloved, the work touches on internalgrief, tempered with a playful sense of humour and lo-fi charm. Impatient to grow and become aman, year-old Robert is stuck on a boating holiday with only his parents and hiscuriosity for company. So erhieltetwa Soft insgesamt 38 Auszeichnungen, darunter als bester internationaler Kurzfilm beimSundance Film Festival. Heute wird er esseinen Eltern sagen, aber ist es der richtige Moment?

Wie soll er es anstellen,und was soll er sagen? Joel has finally made up his mind, or so he thinks. How should hedo it, and what should he say? Seitdem wurden 28 Filme gemeinsam produziert. Sie ist auch nur ein kleinwenig frauenfeindlich. Justine, a. Kinder- und JugendfilmwettbewerbProgramm ab 16 Jahren from 16 years onwardDonnerstag Hauptthema ist der Konflikt zwischen Individuum undGesellschaft.

She is lonely and unhappy. Eingeschlossen inein Vakuum zwischen Vergangenheit und Zukunft - die so genannte Gegenwart. Mit jedem Schritt befreien sich die Gedanken und gehen ihren eigenenWeg den Wolken entgegen. Hidden in a cornerof a small residence, Tania, 16, watches a group of young ones, a hammer in herhand. Kontakt 1. InternationalArt Exhibition der Biennale von Venedig teil. The first cut is the deepest. Further film information in the programme from 3 years onward on page This programme is presented as part of the Profile Vera Neubauer p. This year, childrenwere given the chanceto choose for thesecond time. They saw and chose dancing colours,dancing fish and conjuring dancers, multi-coloured beads and pencils on paintings.

With daring enterprise, they then put together their own gloriously colourful filmprogramme. The children filmed colours — sunrises in an aquarium filled with water;they painted and drew, and designed and performed their own sound poems ontypewriters. In two cinema presentations, the children show their colour-film programme,entitled Dancing Fish in Colourful Fantasy Waves, and answer questions about theproject week and their special selection of films. Among other things, she works as a tutor for theGrimme-Institut. She has run several workshops with children at the Short FilmFestival.

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