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Right To Freedom Of Speech In India

Corning Gorilla Glass TougherTogether. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. Reasonable restrictions can be imposed on the exercise of this right by the State on the grounds of. The right to Right To Freedom Of Speech In India has, however, not yet extended What Is Mary Wollstonecraft Thesis Statement the extent of invalidating Section 5 of the Official Secrets Act, which prohibits disclosure Right To Freedom Of Speech In India certain official documents. Sovereignty Right To Freedom Of Speech In India Integrity Right To Freedom Of Speech In India India. New Delhi: News channels have misused the right to free speech, Chief Justice of India SA Bobde has said and asked the Centre Right To Freedom Of Speech In India explain if it had taken any steps to curb the trend. Bengal Law College affiliated to Sue heck now University of Burdwan. It helps in getting information from others. It has brazenly not pointed out any incident of Right To Freedom Of Speech In India reporting.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor about Article 19 Freedom of Speech at 'India Shastra' Book Launch

It can be said that privacy and free expression are two sides of the same coin where each is an essential prerequisite for the enjoyment of the other. This is because, in order to freely form and express political, religious or other beliefs, an individual requires privacy and safe private space free from the interference of the state and others.

Any kind of invasion of the right to privacy for example tapping of phones, electronic or physical surveillance and intrusion in the personal space directly prevent an individual from exercising his freedom of expression. A free and open press is nothing if the journalists writing for the papers are at risk of surveillance; if the individuals who read the online news sources are being tracked and their data recorded. Any State that is serious about promoting the right to free expression must get serious about promoting the right to privacy. In every democratic country where there are fundamental rights, the rights are never granted in absolution.

Every fundamental right is to be subjected to reasonable restrictions. In the Constitution of India, the restrictions on clause 1 of Article 19 are enumerated in clauses 2 to 6 of the same Article. The restrictions on article 19 1 a are mentioned in article 19 2. Clause 2 was amended by the First and the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution in and enabling the legislature to levy restrictions on freedom of speech and expression, on the following grounds:.

The amendment was made to guard the freedom of speech and expression from being used to attack the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Union of India. Therefore it would not amount to an infringement if the Parliament by law restricts the right to free speech if it preaches secession of any part of India from the Union of India. T Rama Rao vs. Telugu Desam , it was observed that any legislation which is to be undertaken regarding 19 2 has to be comprehensive and effective enough to keep a check on any type of infringement such as burning of the Constitution or the refusal to take oath of loyalty or the raising of flags in any provoking way etc. It is essential for national integrity not only by uniting different communities but also by rooting out any kind of anti-national sentiments that are capable of causing any sort of violence.

The term has a very wide meaning and it covers security of the economy as well. The term refers to a very grave and serious form of public disorder which is not even equivalent to an ordinary law and order problem. It does not mean the mere danger to the security of India nor any kind of rebellion or upheaval threatening the security of the entire country. The speech and expressions that encourage violent crimes are related to the security of the State. Thus security of the state is endangered by crimes of violence intended to overthrow the Government. It would thus comprise of internal and external aggression both. Reasonable Restrictions may be imposed on the freedom of speech and expression in the interest of friendly relations with foreign states.

It is a well-settled proposition of International law that the State is responsible for the acts committed by the persons within their jurisdiction. Keeping this principle in mind, the modern legal system has made provisions for punishment for any kind of libel made against the Heads of States. For example, in England, the law punishes anyone who makes any kind of libel that endangers the peaceful relations of the Crown with other foreign states.

This ground which imposes restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression was added by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of India in The amendment had been a necessity as the Supreme Court had refused the contention to impose restrictions on freedom of speech and expression in the interest of public order, citing it to be not a permissible ground of restraint. The term public order signifies the absence of disorder in contradiction to national outbreaks, armed rebellion, etc affecting the security of the State. Therefore in the case of The Superintendent of Central Prison vs. Ram Manohar Lohia , Section 3 of the U. Special Powers Act, was held invalid and was struck down. This was because this section punished a person, even if he provoked a single person not to pay or defer the payment of government and also because there was no direct link found between the speech and public order.

Justice Subba Rao of the Supreme Court observed that:. We can only say that fundamental rights cannot be controlled on such hypothetical and imaginary considerations. This is yet another ground which restricts the freedom of speech and expression. Decency means the same as lack of obscenity. Obscenity or indecency is mentioned under section — of the Indian Penal Code. A well-known test, known as Hicklins Test was laid down in the famous case of R vs. The Supreme Court in the famous case of Ranjit. Udeshi vs. The term contempt of court refers to both civil as well as criminal contempt. But judges do not have any general immunity from criticism of their judicial conduct, provided that it is made in good faith and is genuine criticism, and not any attempt to impair the administration of justice.

The power of Courts to punish for contempt of its own is prescribed in articles and of the Constitution which gives powers to the Supreme Court and the High Courts to punish for the Contempt of its own. This has been now settled in the case of Justice C. Article 19 protects only the first dimension internal movement. The second dimension is dealt by Article 21 right to life and personal liberty.

From the above, it is clear that the right to residence and the right to movement are overlapping to some extent. Both are complementary to each other. Removed by 44 th Constitutional Amendment , and add as constitutional right in Article A. All citizens are given the right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade, or business. The State can impose reasonable restrictions on the exercise of this right in the interest of the general public.

Further, the State is empowered to:. Note: Right to start the business does not give the right to close the business, Example- If bank want to close their service they take permission from government because it affect economy. Thus, no objection can be made when the State carries on a trade, business, industry or service either as a monopoly complete or partial to the exclusion of citizens all or some only or in competition with any citizen. The State is not required to justify its monopoly. This right does not include the right to carry on a profession or business or trade or occupation that is immoral trafficking in women or children or dangerous harmful drugs or explosives, etc,.

Article 19 is suspended automatically if the proclamation is on the ground of external aggression , and remains so, as long as emergency is in operation. However, after the 44th Amendment, it cannot be suspended if the emergency is declared on the grounds of armed rebellion. Article I am Mehul Joshi. I created this blog with the vision to make constitutional provisions and Indian laws very easy so people can understand them easily. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Example: Right To Information Act Under Section of the Criminal Procedure Code , a magistrate can restrain an assembly, meeting, or procession if There is a risk of obstruction, Annoyance or danger to human life, Health Safety Disturbance of the public tranquility A riot or any affray. Under Section of the Indian Penal Code, as an assembly of five or more persons becomes unlawful if the object is to resist the execution of any law or legal process; to forcibly occupy the property of some person; to commit any mischief or criminal trespass; to force some person to do an illegal act; and to threaten the government or its officials on exercising lawful powers.

Article 18 Article Article 20 Article Previous Previous. Next Continue. There is no fix commonplace to put down as to what is immoral and indecent. Contempt refers to scandalize or tends to scandalize, or lowers or tends to lower the authority of any court. The power to punish for contempt of court is a safeguard not for judges as persons but for the function which they exercise. Defamation can be of civil or criminal in nature. Section of Indian Penal Code criminalizes defamatory statement and Section of IPC provides punishment for two years of imprisonment or fine or both.

A person or group cannot be allowed to incite others to commit any offence just because he has a right to freedom of speech and expression. The intention behind inserting the provision in Article 19 2 is to restrict anyone from making any such statements which challenge the integrity and sovereignty of India. We can conclude that the right to freedom of speech and expression is the bulwark of democratic government. It is accepted as one of the fundamental liberties around the world. Freedom of press and right to information spring from the freedom of speech and expression. Free speech is valuable because it leads to the discovery of truth.

Hence, the expression of opinions must receive full protection. Then only the public will be able to exchange error for the truth. Free Speech is an integral part of the self. The expression should receive full protection as it is necessary for the self-realization of the person who is expressing that idea. The Indian Courts of law have always placed a broad interpretation of Article 19 1 a , making it subjective only to the restrictions permissible under Article 19 2.

The speech and expressions that encourage Right To Freedom Of Speech In India crimes are related to Right To Freedom Of Speech In India security of the State. Nifty 17, Sustaining journalism of this quality needs Analysis Of Plagiarism In Malcolm Gladwells Something Borrowed and thinking people like you to pay for Road Of Lost Innocence The judge also mentioned how freedom fighters such as Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Right To Freedom Of Speech In India Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were convicted for sedition for speaking against the colonial government.