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The Flea John Donne Analysis

It wormed its way into the importance of society early, and even dictates the movement in a relationship, most notably that of intimacy. Holy Sonnets. Just so much honor, when they the flea john donne analysis to me, Will waste, as this flea's death took life from the flea john donne analysis. By Sourav Rana. He David Brooks Chapter Summaries to the flea john donne analysis her by the flea john donne analysis that the flea john donne analysis insect has his life and hers because of the the flea john donne analysis it sucked. Social Sciences.

John Donne - The Flea (Analysis)

Meanwhile I say lady, screw the speaker and the flea you would get more of a commitment from a machine than a guy as afraid of human contact as this one. This symbolizes the very essence of these two intertwining and becoming one in a single vessel. The flea is a vessel that symbolizes union, in this case the physical union between the speaker and the woman through sexual intercourse and the exchange of bodily fluids. It is impo Essentially his argument boils down to proving that sex with the speaker would not be shameful or sinful, and that all her fears are unfounded.

Donne uses the flea throughout his poem as an essential link between sexual conquest and union. He aims to arouse her sexu Instead of being utterly romantic and persuading his lover in a kind and tender way, he is straightforward and not afraid to ask of her what he wants. To a certain extent the metaphor of a flea can be deemed as logical in the sense that if a flea bit them both their blood would have already been shared. The imagery of worms and dust provide a finite view on the beauty, virtue, and innocence in the women they wish to seduce. The guilt placed on the woman should turn her no into a yes by harping on the death of the poor flea who did nothing but join their two bloods together. Although Marvell may not be able to stop time, their lovemaking can make time run from the fury of their passion.

The speaker of the poem is talking to a woman, trying to convince her into having sex with him outside of marriage. This poem can be broken into three stanzas, of nine lines each, utilizes the image of the flea to convey three main ideas: the first as a vessel where their essence mingles, second as the institution of marriage, and finally as an insignificant representation of honor which would have no effect on them. The speaker starts his argument by first mentioning that the woman has denied the speaker something. The man reveals his true attitude towards what he feels for the woman and you begin to see that he's obviously just after one thing, and all the charming words you earlier saw were just a front to lure her into his bed and so what was first a loving experience is now nothing more than a sexual, quite violent one.

The poem is more of a comical poem throughout "let me be your ford cortina", but only in the last 2 lines do you see a more loving, caring approach and attitude to how the poet feels "I don't wanna be hers, I wanna be yours". Suddenly what just seemed as a very unserious, weird, quite funny poem turns into a loving one, just by simply adding those two lines right at the end of the poem. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. The Flea The narrator in The Flea is a youthful man trying to convince a young woman to give her virginity to him. He tries to do this by comparing their relationship to a flea that is in the room. The flea bites them both and Donne explains to her that this is symbolic of both of their worlds combining into one.

He says that the flea is now the realm of love , lust, and marriage. At first this poem seems to be just about love, commitment from a male to a female, who says no his lustful desires. However, a deeper look than just the superficial reveals that the male in this poem is actually revealing a valid point to his lady: that the loss of innocence, such as her virginity , does not constitute a loss of her honor. At first, this poem seems to be simply about a young, sexually hungry man who is trying to convince a girl to give into his sexual wishes.

She denies the? The lady ends up killing the flea and symbolically killing the false world the man had constructed in the flea. She then says that neither of them are any worse by killing the flea, which the male agrees with. The man concludes his point by granting that the death of the flea does not really have any consequences, just like her fears to loose her respectability and honor. His main point in all his talk about the flea is to show her that her honor will not be ruined if she yields to him.

John Donne? He compares sexual intercourse to a bite of a flea and says that now their blood has mixed inside the flea. He also compares the inside of the tiny flea to the entire world, including the couple. Get Access. Good Essays. The predominant theme in this poem is seduction which is illustrated using a persuasive conceit of a humble flea. The strikingly original figure of the flea is used to unconventionally demonstrate that the two lovers are already conjoined in the eyes of God and the Church, as the flea has bitten both their bodies and intermingled their blood. Drawing on this biblical reference, the wooer attempts to lend authoritative substance to his argument. The tone of the poem is highly ironic, dramatic and absurdly amusing. Extravagant declarations of devotion and eternal fidelity which are typical found in love poetry are absent.

The direct address narrative of the poem alters in tempo over the three stanzas. The first stanza is contemplative and whimsical, moving slowly in a rhythm that might be likened to sexual foreplay. The second stanza is even more delightfully ludicrous as the lady moves to strike the flea and the speaker attempts convince her of the heinous nature of this action.

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