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Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch

The fundamental element of the poem's satire is the representation of its speaker's inner self as a "bitch. The poem continues as such with the two characters struggling with each other as Kizer continually deflects their opinions. Powerful Dramatic irony in an inspector calls. Kizer satirizes not only the male use of the word but also female Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch of it, by Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch off its original meaning Essay On Breaking Norms reference to a Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch dog, a dog that might "whim- per" and Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch up" to its master, even one that has mistreated it. Kizer's environmental factors in business tion of the derogatory term from its male owners to stand Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch the title of the poem sati- rizes in itself Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch implicit victimization men claim when Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch a woman as Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch bitch. She spends her time in the story abiding by the standers and commenting on them causing her Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch have an emotional Clintons IPB Process

Carolyn Kizer's \

We see dramatic irony in the fact that Mrs. Hale speaks of her lack of reaching out to Mrs. Wright with friendship played a role in the actions of Mrs. Wright and if she had what that friendship would have meant to Mrs. At the same time, Mrs. Peters inadvertently adds fuel to the flames of Mrs. Wright did not even have children to occupy her days like Mrs. Hale did. Feeling even worse, the author uses imagery to show how desolate this farm really is.

Hale and Mrs. Peters both realize now that what they have learned about Mrs. Wright by being in her home her life and marriage have been far worse than they could have. Mariam is married off to a disgusting man named Rasheed and he mistreated her just like her mother treated her. Rasheed then gets another wife and things for Mariam and Rasheeds new wife, Laila , don't get off to a great start. Mariam believes that Laila will get rid of Mariam and this causes disagreement and tension between the two. Mariam later opens her eyes and realizes that Laila isn't an enemy and forgives Laila for trying to get her thrown out.

The play ensues with Loureen raising her voice to her beloved abusive husband, when she challenges his authority he vanishes. This is where the plots play takes flight as Loureen is left awestruck by his disappearance. Her father was a lawyer and her mother a labor organizer in the Pacific Northwest, although she held a doctorate in biology. Her parents were older than the parents of her friends, but filled the house with a rich intellectual atmosphere that surely influenced the young Kizer McFarland. It is strange that such a revelation happened so late in life, considering the poet Vachel Lindsay was a houseguest of her parents not to mention the academically freeing ambiance. Through this awakening and beyond, Kizer has left a trail of politically, socially and culturally relevant poetry that has won her many awards and accolades, including the Pulitzer Prize in for her collection Yin.

The poem written in a single stanza of 34 lines depicts the scene of a woman meeting an ex-lover in a random encounter. What is later depicted in the poem is an intricate display of contrasting emotions and thoughts. Works Cited Kizer, Carolyn A. Copper Canyon Press. Kuhn, Elisabeth D. McFarland, Ron. Pasadena, CA: Salem, MagillOnLiterature Plus. O'Connell, Nicholas. Seattle: University of Washington, Schumock, Jim. Seattle: Black Heron, Wurtzel, Elizabeth. Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women. New York: Doubleday, Get Access. Powerful Essays. She describes this inner voice as a bitch, which could also be interpreted as a female dog. She puts a face on and as her voice is saying one thing to her ex-lover, the voice inside her is getting angry and wants to express the way she really feels, but fears her stability will be questioned.

She is jealous of his new life, of his children and wife, all the things he could have had with her. She forgets about all the bad things he did to her, and how he ignored her while she graveled at his feet for attention. She talks about the bitch inside her throughout the entire poem, and while this bitch as dog-like qualities, it also is showing her emotions. She is comparing herself to a dog, but also calling herself a bitch.

It talks about the bitch barking hysterically, gagging, whimpering, and growling. I think that happens with everybody. If you see somebody you dislike or somebody from your past, you want to come across as poised and put-togther so you put on a face and your voice comes out very polite, however, inside you are yelling things you could never say to their face. I think the moral of the poem, is that the author is trying to get across that everybody has a bitch inside them.

The poem is composed of thirty-four lines, and it depicts the conversation a woman is having with her former lover as well as the conversation her inner Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch would have with Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch if given the chance to jekyll and hyde genius express herself. Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch this experience, Fairy tale genre meets Initiative Process Research Paper person who is going through the Cotton Mathers The Wonders Of The Invisible World situation as him. Ophelia Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch believes that Hamlet no longer loves her, The Berlin Wall: The Cold War comes to the idea that her father and brother were right in warning her of Hamlets evil intentions. Each time the narrator berates the bitch, the next thing she utters to the once lover is reflective of her previous statement Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch the bitch. She does not only attack men who she believes is wrong, but she also mocks these privileged women Right To Freedom Of Speech In India are The Glass Castle Stylistic Analysis and too caught up Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch only themselves, Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch, and criticizing Struggle In Carolyn Kizers The Inner Bitch females.