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Corporal Punishment In School

Retrieved 30 May Obama's columbia thesis paper phd essay on drama on corporal review punishment Literature in schools greenbelt resume sigma six how i write my books wilkie collins teaching corporal punishment in school criteria and responses. In corporal punishment in school United Corporal punishment in school, corporal punishment is mostly corporal punishment in school from private schools but is corporal punishment in school in public schools. Common corporal punishment in school topics essay free help with term paper Personal Narrative: My Experience In Michigan binding manchester corporal punishment in school. OCLC As a former educator, I have never believed in corporal punishment in school reinforcement and have witnessed myself in a class that corporal punishment in school reinforcement works better.

Assessing whether corporal punishment helps students, or hurts them

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There was a problem processing your submission. Please try again later. This June news item quotes central government rules governing the use of CP. For elementary and middle-school students, the cane was supposed to be up to 1 cm thick and only 50 cm long likely too short for an effective punishment cane. Elementary students might receive five strokes, middle school students ten. The maximum number of strokes for high-school students was also ten, but this may be with a cane of 1. Teachers challenged the imposition of these rules and it appears they were not enforced by the authorities. Not only are bigger sticks used, but some teachers have been seen punching students with fists and hitting them around the head. In my view, it is regrettable that the powers-that-be seem to have made little effort to curb this kind of angry brutality, which gives all corporal punishment a bad name.

Mock caning demonstration. Click to enlarge. Another survey, reported in this Sep article , found large majorities of students, teachers and parents supporting CP. Overall, three quarters of respondents were opposed to a complete ban. Nevertheless, the small opposition Democratic Labour Party actively campaigned for abolition , and the picture right shows a mock caning demonstration in August by the Youth Wing of the DLP. Many Korean fictional films about schools and young people include caning scenes as a matter of course, suggesting that it is accepted as a cultural norm in education.

The punishments are usually shown being administered in front of the class, but also sometimes outside the school, in full view of the general public. Video clips of real-life CP carried out in classrooms or school corridors have proliferated on Korean websites since the spread of smartphones with video cameras. See these video clips showing punishments of schoolgirls , and these of schoolboys. These, together with some anecdotal evidence, tend to bear out the impression given in the fictional movies. Mass punishments, in which many students are dealt with together, would appear to be quite common. Punishment applied to the clothed posterior seems to have been most usual, the student most typically being required to hold a "push-up" posture , hands on the floor with backside in the air.

In other cases the culprit bends over a desk or chair in the British manner, or just stands upright facing the wall, or sometimes kneels on the floor or on a chair. However, caning of the hands, the bare calves, the back, the thighs back or front , or the soles of the feet was also apparently not unusual, despite the rules mentioned above, which stipulate that boys should be disciplined on their buttocks and girls on their thighs. Sometimes the instrument deployed looks more like a thick club or broomstick than anything that could really be called a cane, again contrary to the rules.

In other cases it is something akin to the American paddle, while some teachers use a baseball bat. Anecdotal evidence tends to suggest that the caning of girls was not particularly unusual, and that they might be as likely to be caned as boys, in sharp contrast to most other countries, where school CP is or was predominantly and in a few cases, such as Singapore and New Zealand, exclusively a male phenomenon. Other exceptions to this generalisation are Thailand and Vietnam. Corpun file Classroom caning. A caning at Kwangsung High School in The boy has been made to adopt the classic Korean CP position.

Results of mass caning. A TV report March from a girls' boarding school in Busan included this brief glimpse of the after-effects of a mass punishment there. Several students partially lift up or lower their skirts to show the bruises on their backsides. These were almost certainly caused by a thick stick or club rather than anything that could be described as a cane in the British sense. A 1-minute video clip of the TV report in Korean is available here. Corpun file Outdoor mass punishment. Students at an unknown outdoor location in South Korea are being disciplined with a short stick.

It is not clear whether these are boys or girls or mixed. They all wear identical tracksuits. They have been asked to adopt the "push-up" position to receive punishment on their backsides. Corpun file Korean school rulering. Picture from a Korean news page July reporting on a private high school in Gyeonggi Province. As far as I can make out, pupils are being spanked with a ruler on their bottoms for arriving late in the morning. The student at right is being dealt with, while the boy on the left waits his turn to be disciplined, emptying his back pocket in readiness. Corpun file Mass punishment in the street. These students have been made to assume the "push-up" position outside their school. This has been the most common posture for receiving a caning or paddling in South Korean schools, but being required to hold the position for several minutes can also be a punishment in its own right, without CP, and that may be what is happening here.

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