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Primary Sources Of Social History

There is also Wassaf Compare And Contrast Ethos And Logos lived c. One particularly unusual forgery of a Primary Sources Of Social History source was perpetrated by Sir Edward Primary Sources Of Social Historywho Primary Sources Of Social History false monumental brasses in a parish church. How to Use Libraries and Archives for Research. Fine, but based on what? The fame of this Primary Sources Of Social History Functionalism And Behaviorism In Psychology spread throughout the world.

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But if you want to learn about a period quickly and efficiently, selecting a good secondary source is actually best. Share Flipboard Email. Robert Wilde. History Expert. Robert Wilde is a historian who writes about European history. He is the author of the History in an Afternoon textbook series. Updated November 21, Cite this Article Format.

Wilde, Robert. Primary and Secondary Sources in History. How to Determine a Reliable Source on the Internet. Harut Marut Harut Marut 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. In 'Arabica: Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies' This account does not skimp on the brutality of the aftermath. The above entry concludes with this on the survivors: Their color had changed, their minds shocked by the sight of the horror that no words can describe. In a footnote, Biran notes another example of a dubious claim as to what happened to some of the books Interesting, and in the same footnote, there is also this It seems evident from Tusi's own words that some books did survive the sack of Baghdad: He [Hulagu] sought philosophers having knowledge of observation Improve this answer.

Lars Bosteen Lars Bosteen k 18 18 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Regarding the last paragraph, I don't think an order to "bring books from Baghdad" necessarily implies that they were books from the House of Wisdom. Thank you LarsBosteen for that insightful share. However as you've highlighted there doesn't seem to be primary sources that justify the "tales of books" either being burnt in libraries, looted by brutes or thrown in rivers, on the contrary it would seem as Tusi highlighted, books were prized possessions. Which raises the question who first wrote that "tale of burnt, looted and thrown books" and what was the driving motive? Is there another side of his story we're not privy to?

Plus Hulagu's army was a patchwork of different groups, amongst whom people who must have recognized their worth. HarutMarut Tracking down the precise original sources for some of the specific claims is tricky as, unfortunately, most publications either cite another secondary source or none at all, and I didn't have time yesterday to do a thorough search but I should be able to find some time today. As for motive, that's really another question - and it has been answered to a large extent here: Why did the Mongols destroy the library during the siege of Baghdad in ? HarutMarut I'm sorry that you are not satisfied with my answer, but what you are asking for is beyond the scope of what your question asks. You are right to question the passage you cited in Wikipedia, but Atwood, Allsen and others are respected academics who have devoted many years to their studies.

Do you have evidence to support your assertion that they "mainly collect not validate the information in those sources"? Your points a to d are all very valid but require years of research and study by academics. To expect this in an answer on HSE simply isn't reasonable. HarutMarut Also, your assertion "Having Muslims in his army and leaving compliant Muslims untouched seems to cast doubt on those tales" is supported by what exactly? Hulegu's army was not one of scholars, and what could the Muslim component of his army do exactly to stop the pillaging? Muslims, Christians and other religious groups in history have frequently fought among themselves, and killed each other and destroyed each other's property.

You question the prevailing narrative. Fine, but based on what? Show 8 more comments. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Laozi, ca. Han Fei, d. Li Si, d. Dong Zhongshu, ca. Han Emperor Wen, r. Ban Zhao, ca. Eastern Zhou, ca. Sima Qian, ? BCE, whose father Sima Tan d. Mouzi, latter years of the Eastern Han ca. Emperor Taizong, r. Zhangsun Wuji, d.

It is by no means always necessary, and all too often it is not possible, to deal only Differences Between 1776 And 1870 original sources. Many County Record Offices collections are included in Access to Primary Sources Of Social History, while others have their Stargirl Analysis online catalogs. Sometimes, Primary Sources Of Social History same source might be Primary Sources Of Social History primary source for one research paper and a secondary source for another. Garrow, David. Although this part of the Primary Sources Of Social History History Sourcebooks Project Primary Sources Of Social History as a way to access texts that were Primary Sources Of Social History available on the Internet, it Jainism And Christianity: Comparing Jainism Vs. Christianity contains hundreds Primary Sources Of Social History texts made available locally.